Hi, I’m Aysia and I’m a Professional People-Gatherer. Allow me to explain…

I’m a creator by nature, entrepreneur by heart, and anthropologist by training.

Growing up in a family of business-saavy pioneers and artists in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I knew that owning a business was my calling from a young age. I dabbled in fashion marketing classes, completely redesigned my parents’ jewelry boutique, and obsessively read National Geographic magazines. You could say that my interests were scattered.

In 2011, I moved to Washington, DC to study sociocultural anthropology at The George Washington University. Anthropology was a perfect major for a curious, people-loving lady like myself.

Through a slew of formative experiences in college, including organizing a business conference, interning at various publications and cultural institutions, and a dose of adventure, I developed my niche – connecting people and creating moments.

By connecting old friends to new friends over beautiful dinners; visitors to the tourist-free neighborhoods of DC; new ideas to new audiences through captivating discussion; and bored roommates to the endless lively happenings of the city… I found my passion!

Fast forward to the post-grad years where nothing makes sense or ever goes quite as planned, I decided it was time to build a career doing what I do best.

Let me create unforgettable moments with you, through Art of the Journey, and for you, through Events by AW.

I get people and I have worked events for nearly a decade.  I understand what captivates and deeply moves us. In today’s age, togetherness is more powerful and needed than ever, and this is my way of contributing.

See you soon,

Aysia xx