Events by AW

Events by AW provides event consulting for brands and businesses to create experiences that are memorable, well-organized, and beautiful. If there is anything I know to be true, it’s that people want to feel special. When it comes to curating the perfect gathering, an inviting atmosphere and a delicate balance of excitement and nostalgia have the power to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Those are the moments and memories people carry with them for a lifetime.

From a dinner party, business anniversary celebration, VIP brunch, festive holiday extravaganza, to personal brand launch (i.e. great for bloggers and social media entrepreneurs), these type of branded social events make huge positive impact when done right. My clients tend to be in the fashion, media, and creative industries, but I am always up for the challenge of trying something new! Can’t wait to hear from you and get the ball rolling!

What does event consulting mean?
Events by AW provides guidance, suggestions, resources, and “how-to’s” for the client (aka you!) to build a spectacular branded event that will speak to your target audience. Whether you come to the table with zero ideas or already have a developed concept that needs to be elevated, together we determine how the event plays into your business goals and brainstorm logistical options within your budget. Then, we create a smooth execution plan.

Events by AW can assist with venue determination,
logistics management (i.e. event manual, traffic flow), staging & decor, food & drink coordination, budget management, invitations & RSVP tracking, site visits & walk-through (if applicable), and event setup & breakdown.

Your brand or business could use Events by AW if…

… you need advice and guidance on how to ideate and execute branded events that will speak to your goal audience.
… you don’t have familiarity or relationships with DC resources, such as restaurants, photographers, florists, and more.
… you don’t have any dedicated in-house event staff/employees to focus on events.
… your dedicated in-house event staff/employees could use supplemental assistance.
… you don’t the time yourself to put toward your brand or business events.
… you have basic event ideas, but need an objective and fresh viewpoint eye to elevate them.
… you would like to simply learn from an experienced event professional, so you can take that knowledge and utilize it moving forward.