Sika Degbo, Prioritizing Friendship

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While growing up in the suburbs of Maryland, going to school and having a set schedule made making friends something I didn’t have to put work into. I met people at school and we would hang out, do nothing, and get into some harmless trouble to pass the time. It was so easy.

Sharon Strickland, Dispersing Darkness Through Light

Model: Heather Skatzes
Model: Heather Skatzes

I was born with an artistic soul. As a toddler, I found pleasure in coloring and drawing pictures for my parents. As I grew up, my sketchbook was filled with detailed dragons, furry animals, majestic architecture, garden flowers, foreign landscapes, life-like portraits, and mystical imagery that allowed me to escape reality. I was molested from the age of 5 to 9 years old. Art was my haven and my way of dealing what was happening to me.